• 1ST CONNECTIONS CANADA RECRUITMENT is a boutique firm specializing in the placement of finance and tax professionals across Canada.
  • I'm "personally" involved in each project and would work directly with you from start to finish.
  • I have over 25 years of experience in sales tax recoveries and "personally" complete all reviews. My tax experience is supplemented by 12 years of experience in financial positions with Fortune 500 and Globe Top 1000 industry leaders.
  • 1ST CONNECTIONS CANADA RECRUITMENT is a division of TRS Tax Recovery Services Inc.


  • Personnel contacts include a large LinkedIn network of over 2,000 connections and a large database of companies.
  • Services include placing ads, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, evaluating skills, checking references, providing feedback on market conditions, communicating progress, and periodic follow-up with the client after a candidate commences employment.


  • 1ST CONNECTIONS CANADA RECRUITMENT is interested to hear from finance and tax professionals seeking to advance their career.
  • Kindly send your covering letter and resume to